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Inside JM Wilson

A Glimpse Inside JM Wilson

Posted in Sales

Author: Jen Dugan

Anyone who has met me knows that while I may live in Indiana, I have a lot of love for Michigan; or more commonly called in Indiana during football season, “that state up north”. Michigan is home to my family and friends, my Alma Mater (Fire Up Chips!) and of course, it is the home of my favorite summer spot, Long Lake, but what people are sometimes shocked to find out is it’s also home to JM Wilson’s Main Office. So, I thought I would open the doors to show you a small glimpse of the fun, but silent things JM Wilson does that make it a not only a great place to work but also a great company to work with!

Committed to Our Community

JM Wilson has eight branch office locations spreading from Wisconsin to Florida and each year they ask their local branch employees for suggestions on local charities to donate to. Another attribute I am proud to share is the company supports local colleges and their risk management program. We provide opportunities for students to apply for an internship and some employees are fortunate enough to speak at their Alma Mater on hot topics within the industry. We even have had a couple of employees talk to groups of high school students about insurance. We believe in giving back to the community!

Can’t Fix What You Don’t Know Is Broken

JM Wilson cares to know how things are going and what we can do to our customer’s experience better. Each agent has a voice and their feedback is taken very seriously. It is extremely important to us. Our agents receive a policy feedback survey as well as an annual agency feedback form. Our managers also come together twice a year for a leadership strategic planning session and our sales team convenes at the home office in Michigan once a year. Communication is HUGE here at JM Wilson and we want to do whatever we can to make each interaction with us a positive one. We are proud of the relationships we have made with our agents and value their input.

Focused on the Little Things

JM Wilson looks for and does the little things to make their employees, carriers, and guests feel welcome. When I walked through the doors on my first day, I was immediately welcomed with not only a wonderful smile but a personalized sign welcoming me to JM Wilson. We do this on the regular, letting our visitors and new staff know they are special, important and we are glad to have them! At Christmas, we have a coloring contest where the kids of JM Wilson employees can color a holiday-themed picture and each kid who submitted a drawing then receives a personalized magnet of their drawing to keep. Also, every Valentine’s Day all employees receive flowers; whether they are at the home office, a branch office or if they work from their home. Another HUGE thing that was implemented this year was summer hours, allowing employees to leave early every other Friday to enjoy those summer afternoons. It is all about a balance between work, fun, and family. It is wonderful that JM Wilson brings so much enjoyment to the workplace, making not only it’s employees feel special, but their families as well.

Always Showing our Gratitude

This time of year is all about reflecting, what worked well both personally and professionally. I hope you have enjoyed stepping inside to see the special things that JM Wilson does to make sure the agents and employees know they are valued. A huge THANK YOU to all our agents, we appreciate you, we respect you and we are grateful for you!

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