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Embracing a New Routine

Change is Good!

Posted in Sales

Author: Tyler Goecker

We are amid some of the most unforeseen times in both our lives and the economy. Things are a complete 180 of what they were at the beginning of 2020. Typically, I would be in our office bright and early on Monday mornings. I used to be on the road 3-4 days a week while juggling a schedule of travel around meetings with carriers in the office, as well as association conventions. When I was in town for work, I would stop by our local Hy-Vee (Grocery Store) at least 3-4 times per week to get dinner or anything else we needed. While on the weekends, home improvement projects are a constant at my house. If you couldn't tell by now, I like a routine, and you just got a glimpse of how my weeks typically go, and all of that has since vanished from my life, at least for now.

J.M. Wilson associates have been working fully remote now for over a month, but it seems like it's been a year. The days start to blur together. Mondays no longer feel like Mondays and the closing of the week doesn't come with the same amount of excitement for fun weekend adventures. I never really took breaks during the workday, and now they are essential for getting through the day, even if it is just stepping outside for a couple of minutes of fresh air. Thankfully my workdays have started to get back on a regular schedule. However, this a routine that I'm not used to, and it took me a while to figure it out. Now, this might sound like I'm complaining, and I promise I'm not; I'm just stating the facts. I am incredibly grateful that my days are busy with work! I have immediate family members that can't say the same, and I feel terrible for them. It is frightening. 
These are unsettling times we are working in. The restrictions that are necessary for our communities to get through this pandemic safely are massive stressors for agencies and companies who wish to reopen or even stay in business. These stressors are something that worries me every day for our agency partners and their families. We all have loved ones that we worry about during all of this. Still, agency owners and other businesses also have employees to worry about and do everything possible to make sure they aren't let down.   

As we are all going through this pandemic together, there are some positive things that we can look forward to and take advantage of during this situation:

  • Use This Opportunity to Enjoy Some Family Time   
    • I know that my wife has both loved and hated how much I've been home, but I think she would tell anyone other than me that it has been nice having me around more.   
  • Take care of yourself. Both mentally and physically  
    • We must take care of ourselves now more than ever. We've all been forced into a different world than we've ever known, and it can wreak havoc on us if we don't continue to exercise, take time for ourselves, and eat right.  
  • Plan, plan, plan.   
    • Have a plan of attack for once we can get back into our offices and your offices to meet in person again. We at J.M. Wilson are anxiously waiting to get through all of this and get back to being able to see everyone in person and go back to helping our agents' day in and day out.   
I'll leave you with one more suggestion as we navigate through the next few months: help as much as you can! Check-in on your friends, family, and neighbors. We are all facing our own unique set of challenges, and sometimes even the small things can make a difference. 

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