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Grateful Every Day - Living With Type 1 Diabetes

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Author: Erin Dey

Blogged after turning up the furnace - it’s getting cold!

I did some redecorating of my house about midway through the government mandate that we shouldn’t leave our house - who didn’t right?  One of my most favorite “upgrades” is a wooden framed sign that I see every time I enter the home I love: Grateful Everyday.  Seems simple enough; seems like it wouldn’t be something you’d need to have a daily reminder of.  To BE grateful everyday and to FEEL grateful everyday.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. For so many reasons.
I think the hardest part of the year for me was learning that my oldest son, Cole, has type 1 juvenile diabetes.  On May 13, 2020 our lives changed forever.  The moment I stood in my pediatrician's office reviewing numbers that showed hyperglycemia, is one that I will never forget.  The last five months have been LOTS of learning, carb counting, glucose monitoring and insulin injections.  To feel grateful during the beginning weeks and months after learning how to manage and cope with this disease was a feat.  I wanted to throw things at that sign that hung in my hallway; I didn’t want to feel grateful as I continue to give my son four or five insulin injections every day.  I didn’t want to feel grateful as his blood sugar levels would plummet in the middle of the night.  I wanted to feel sorry for him, for me, and for this life that he has to live with a pancreas that decided to quit on him at the age of 14.

But.  I’m a mom.  I’m Cole’s rock.  I’m the place he goes to for comfort, for steadiness, and for love.  And for THAT - I am eternally grateful.  I’m grateful we caught it early.  I’m grateful he is healthy.  I’m grateful he is amazing, strong, motivated and that we have an amazing support system who cares and loves Cole and will help him any way they can.

Gratitude is a choice.
To feel grateful EVERY day is a choice.  It’s one my family is learning to choose.  Some days you have to look for it; some days it’s right in front of you.  For me, it’s choosing to know that we can deal with this.  We can manage.  Cole can live a happy, healthy and very full life with juvenile diabetes.  And we will continue to fight and be grateful for the days, months, years, decades he has ahead of him.

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