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Embrace Change

Stop Resisting! 5 Easy Ways To Embrace Change

Posted in Professional Development

Author: Wendy Wotring

In my position in Sales, I often walk into offices that haven’t changed in 50 years.  They have avoided change and haven’t kept up with the times. In most cases, I find their phones aren’t ringing, either.  Change and innovation are required to be relevant and thriving in today’s fast-paced world.

The very word “change” can cause stress and anxiety for some.  But why? Change is an inevitable fact of life, both personally and professionally.  Can you imagine carrying a bunch of 8 track tapes around today? (Google it, they were huge.)  Does anyone remember researching a paper before the internet? Those encyclopedias weighed a ton! Or try to imagine yourself without a cell phone – that was a reality only a few decades ago.   My point is, change is a good thing. So why do we resist it so much when we really should embrace it?

Fear is probably the biggest reason for resisting change. Fear of the unknown, fear of not being in control, fear of not being able to keep up with the changes.  Pushing past fear is necessary to embrace change.

Here are a few tips to help you embrace change:

Be Positive

Focus on the positives ahead of you. You get to learn new skills. You get to work with new people. You get to be an insurance agent. New opportunities lie ahead! It is vital to surround yourself with positive people who view the change ahead as beneficial. I firmly believe you choose your attitude – choose to think of the change you’re facing optimistically!

Be Forward Thinking

Don’t get stuck looking back and longing for the “good old days.”  Not only does that time no longer exist, but chances are they weren’t really that good anyway. Forward progress is essential to the relevancy of an organization and those looking back risk finding themselves left behind.

Be a Communicator

Ask questions to understand the change better ahead – the reasons for it, the process of it, what is expected of you. Asking constructive questions to obtain meaningful information is key. Most importantly, don’t rely on hearsay and rumors for your information. Frequently, it is only partially accurate and can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress. Open communication is crucial when facing change.

Be Involved

You may have done the same task the same way for years, but now is the opportunity to use your creativity and expertise to build a better mousetrap! Join a workgroup and be a driver of change within your organization or department. Your participation and enthusiasm will infect those around you and encourage them to be involved as well.

Be Fearless

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Change is a process for everyone, and sometimes you just have to dive in. So what if you make a mistake – we all do. The key is to share what you’ve learned from the mistakes you’ve made. You will likely save others from making the same mistake or just possibly figure out a better process because you weren’t afraid to try.

The real power of embracing change can be found in the culture of energy, positivity, and innovation that is created within an organization. I want to be a part of that organization, don’t you?

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