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Three things insurance agents want from their markets

Posted in Professional Development

Author: Landen VanSyckle

Six conventions in six weeks, four states, and a lot of conversations with agency partners and industry peers. Thankful is an understatement to have the ability to attend these events in person once again.  

While many things have changed in the last couple of years, plenty has remained the same within the industry. In my fall travels, three important characteristics were shared by the numerous agents I visited with. Learn what agents look for and how you can go above and beyond as an underwriter with these insider tips! 

1) Provide Clear Communication and Service 

Clear communication and service is by far the number one item that agents, carriers, and numerous others mentioned. Providing regular communication and focusing on service can build trust and alleviate uncertainty. Being clear with what to expect throughout the entire experience of quoting, binding, and billing plays a big part in communicating well.  

At JM Wilson, our goal is to set expectations at the time of submission, provide communication throughout the quoting process, and offer our strongest quote for agency partners.  

2) Demonstrate the Desire to Write Business 

Right behind providing clear communication and excellent service is the desire to write business. I asked a few of our agents to elaborate on what that looks like to them. 

Paraphrasing, they mentioned that they would rather work with someone whose actions demonstrate that they are hungry to write the business than someone who appears complacent.  

Our underwriters quote business with the desire to bind. We continuously look at which of our markets fit a risk best so that our agents have an opportunity to sell and win the account. 

3) Deliver Strong Underwriting 

This one seems like a no-brainer, right? To clarify, agents want to make sure they are providing their insured with the correct coverages; this starts with strong underwriting.  

They are looking at different markets that will understand the risk and exposure and are able to provide the quote that best suits their insured. Agents want to work with an underwriter who specializes in a certain line of business and can bring added value to their relationship.  

The Insurance marketplace is ever-changing, especially as the last 18 months have evidenced. Plenty of things have stayed the same, however, with JM Wilson being one of them! 

We are wrapping up our 101st year in business and continue to put our agents at the forefront of the decisions that we make. We will continue to provide clear communication, underwrite the accounts that we see to the best of our ability, and remain hungry to write new business.  

While convention season is winding down for this year, I look ahead to 2022 and more opportunities to be with our agents and learn how best we can serve! 

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