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The Benefits of Positive Affirmation

A Tribute to the Rockstars

Posted in Professional Development

Author: Erin Dey

Blogged while mentally preparing for a hockey tournament.

It’s annual review time for many of us.  Along with all the statistics, measurements, and overall summary of job performance, it’s a perfect time to offer your team praise for a job well done.  I’m a believer in rewarding the behavior you want to see continue, in both my professional life as the Director of Sales and Agency Relations here at JM Wilson and personal life.  Positive affirmation goes a long way - further than one might think - and has an impact on an individual.

Here are some of my best practices when giving positive affirmations:

1. Make it Personal

Hearing “you’re doing a great job” definitely works! But be more specific - what are they doing that’s leading you down this path of telling them this? It’s all in the details… so share them!

2. Know Their Style

Is recognition or praise well received in your team meeting? One on one? In an email? Over the phone? You don’t want your associate to feel embarrassed; know their personality to gauge how recognition will best be received.

3. Who else needs to know?

When it comes to job performance, taking the time to share your team's accomplishments with others is easily overlooked. Don't fall into this trap! I report directly to the head honcho, and you can bet that I’m letting him know when my team is crushing it! Sharing your team's accomplishments creates visibility for them that they might not have otherwise. Recognition for another team member not in your department is also a win!

So, here’s to you, team: to the late nights, hours behind the wheel, pumping gas in 10-degree weather, meeting with hundreds of agents, cold calling, missing family time, and for overall being complete ROCKSTARS. I’m proud of you and THANKS for giving us your all. I count my lucky stars every day I get to work alongside you!

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