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Look on the Bright Side!

Author: Wendy Wotring

Overall, I'm a positive person.  Although recently, I have experienced a couple of rough days. But this is to be expected with our lives turning upside down, seemingly overnight. So, when a friend mentioned she had begun keeping a gratitude journal, it struck a chord. It made me realize that for every negative, there will always be a positive. Let's take a minute to look on the bright side and reflect on a few positive things about our new situations! 
Shortest Commute Ever 🚗
Working from home has made my commute about 20 steps past my kitchen. Home to work in 10 seconds, tops! Even if I hit the snooze button, I can make it to work on time. If you are one of those that are making the drive to the office, I'll bet you are seeing fewer traffic snarls now.  
Homebrew ☕ or 🍺!

I have stepped up my homebrew game. (I am talking coffee here, people!) I am no barista, but I can make a decent cup of joe, plus I am saving a ton of $$$.  

Video Calls 💻
Video calls are the next best thing to being there. While I can't travel to see my agents right now, making virtual visits is helping bridge that gap. Microsoft Teams and Facetime have made face-to-face meetings possible. (I still can't wait to see everyone in person!)  
Forming Stronger Relationships 🤝 

We have been getting to know our counterparts. I mean, really KNOW them. Kids home from school and daycare, dogs at home, sharing your home office with your significant other (love you, honey), it can be challenging to separate our work and home lives. Building relationships is crucial in our industry, and everyone working from home has broken down some barriers. One of my customers recently told me about a call with her underwriter. The underwriter was about to tell my friend what she needed when a sweet, small voice said, "Mommy, I pooped." The underwriter was mortified, but that's work-life now. We are all in the same boat. It humanized the underwriter for my friend, and they will always have this shared experience to look back on and laugh. 
We are all in this together. So, hang on to your patience, and your sense of humor, and ALWAYS look on the bright side! 

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