Fidelity Bond
Fidelity coverage can be be valuable to many businesses. Any public, private or non-profit organization or business that has exposure to employee theft would need a fidelity bond. Fidelity coverage may be required by client contract.

Sample Classes

- Business Services
- Janitorial Services
- Financial Institutions
- Retail Businesses
- Insurance Agencies
- Condominium Crime
- Third Party Fidelity

Coverages Offered
- Employee and Third Party Dishonesty
- Commercial Crime
- Financial Institution
-- Temporary Staffing Third Party Dishonesty
- Forgery or Alteration
- Inside / Outside the Premises
- Computer Fraud
- Clients' Property
- Kidnap & Ransom
- Funds Transfer fraud
- Money Order or Counterfeit Paper Money
- Fidelity Bonds
- Excess Fidelity

- Competitive Pricing within Industry Standard
- Quick Quote Turnaround
- 24-48 Hour Response on New Account Submissions
- Difficult to place accounts
- All J.M. Wilson surety markets are "A" rated

What's Needed
- Fidelity application
- CPA audit on larger bonds