Garage Service - Market Segment

Who Needs Market Segment Coverage?
Market segment coverage is great for service risks and non-admitted risks that do not need the additional forms and premiums that come along with a garage policy.

It may be the answer for an operation that has suffered losses or has an issue with a specific coverage, but overall is a good business. Coverage can be tailored or restricted to exclude issues, while allowing a business the opportunity to get coverage.

Sample Classes
Body Shop & Painting
Brake Shops
Bus Conversions
Bus Repairs
Camping Trailer/Shell Sales and Service
Car Service/Repair
Car Washes - Full Service
Car Washes – Mobile
Car Washes-other than self-service
Car Washes-self service
Car Washes - Self Service (in conjunction with garage operations)
Car Washes-Self Service (not in conjunction with garage operations)
Cellular Phone Installation
Clear Coat Applications
Contractors Equipment Repair
Convertible Top Replacement
Dent Removal
Drive-Away Contractors
Electrical Shops
Emergency Vehicle Service or Repair
Farm Equipment Repair
Forklift Service or Repair
Frame/Unibody Straightening
Fuel Conversion Shops
Gasoline Stations-full service-with service/repair shop
Gasoline Stations (Including Auto Repair)Gasoline Stations-self and full service combined-with service/repair shop
Gasoline Stations-self-service-without convenience store and no service/repair shop
Golf Cart Repair
GPS Installation
Handicap Vehicle Equipment Installation or Repair
Heavy Truck Cab Conversions
Heavy Truck Repair
Horse Trailer Service or Repair
Hydraulic Repair
Impound Yards (no Auto Sales, no Used Part Sales, no Auto Repair)
Inspection Stations
Interlock Devices
Jet Ski Repair
Kit Cars or Other Auto MFG
Lift Kit Installation
Limousine Conversion
LPG Dealers/Distributors
Manufactured Housing Sales and Services
Manufacturing or Manufacturers Repair
Misc Service/Repair
Misc Service/Repair - V-Twin
Mobile Home Dealers
Mobile Home Repair
Mobile Home Toters
Mobile Operations
Motorcycle Manufacturing including Fork or Frame Alternations
Motorcycle Repair
Motor Home Service or Repair
Muffler Shops
Oil/Lube Service
Parking-public-not open air
Parking-public-open air
Racing or Exhibition Vehicle Modification, Service or Repair
Radiator Shops
Recreational Vehicle Repair
Rental or Lease Operations
Repossessors-For Hire
Roadside Assistance
Salvage Yards
Self-Parking Lots & Garages
Semi-Trailer Service or Repair
Smog and Emissions Control Shop
Stereo Installation
Stores-food or drink
Structural Alterations
Suspension Modification
Tire Dealers
Tire Dealers New
Tire Dealers Used
Tire Sales/Service
Trailer Assembly/MFG
Trailer Conversions
Trailer Hitch Installation or Repair
Trailer Service or Repair
Transmission Shops
Trim Shops
Truck Service/Repair
Tune Up Shop
Utility Trailer service or repair
Valet Parking
Valet Parking - Special Events
Van Conversion
Vehicle Safety & Smog Inspection Stations
Vehicle Storage
Wheel Alignment Shops
Window Tinting
Windshield Installation & Repair