How to Finalize Your Cedar Finance Agreement 

1. SIGN. Sign the agreement. Both the insured’s and the agent’s signatures are required to process the contract.

2. COLLECT. Collect the down payment from the insured and send to J.M. Wilson using one of the following options.

Down payment Option 1: Have the insured make a check payable to your agency for the down payment in full. Then deposit the check and watch for the policy to be billed on your agency statement, or forward an agency check (less commission) to J.M. Wilson at the corporate office.

Mail Payments to:
J.M. Wilson
8036 Moorsbridge Rd.
Portage, MI 49024

Down payment Option 2: The full down payment can be made via e-check or credit card on J.M. Wilson's website. Fees associated with online payments are $2.50 for e-checks and 3% of the transaction for credit card payments. Visit, select 'Pay Online', then select 'Pay J.M. Wilson', and follow the prompts. Or simply click here to make a payment online.

3. SEND. Email or fax a copy of the signed contract back to J.M. Wilson for processing. If you would like to sign up for EFT (electronic funds transfer) complete the 'Recurring Payment' form sent with your quote and send that in along with your signed contract. There is a one time setup fee of $12.99 that will be charged with the first payment, per the agreement.

E-MAIL: or FAX: 269-321-4790

Please Remember:

· No funds are to be returned to the insured until the loan with Cedar Finance Company has been paid in full.
· Fully earned policies cannot be financed.
· Additional premium endorsements are not automatically added to the premium finance agreement.
· Please call us at 800-666-5692 for assistance – We Can Help You!