SBA Bond Guarantee Program
The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers the bond guarantee program for bid and/or performance bonding for new contractors or small to medium size contractors, whom cannot obtain bonding through the standard bond market. This program is for contract bonds only. The SBA supports 80-90% of the bond penalty, which lessens the risk for the surety company and allows for more bonding opportunities for contractors that meet the SBA qualifications.

To properly underwrite a prospective new account, the SBA program has specific requirements.
See below for a list of necessary forms and financial statements.

Financial Statement Requirements
- Projects up to $500,000 – in house financials acceptable
- Projects $500,000 - $1,000,000 – CPA compilation, at least
- Projects $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 – CPA review, at least

All other required information:
- SBA form 912
- SBA form 994
- A copy of bid specification page or contract showing the bond requirement, if a particular bond is being requested.
- The last 2-3 fiscal year-end financial statements for the business – the cover page of the most recent statement needs to be signed and dated by the owner if the statement is not audited.
- The most recent personal financial statement(s) for the owner(s) – those also need to be signed and dated by the owner(s).
- Surety Questionnaire for Contractors
- Current schedule of work on hand
- Current bank reference letter, indicating line of credit established, if any, and amount of the line currently available
- A copy of the current Certificate of Insurance for the business
- Resume(s) of owner(s)current or recent job and supplier reference letters
- Interim financial statement for the business if the last fiscal year-end statement is over six months old
- General Indemnity Agreement – J.M. Wilson will prepare this form after review of the other information

- Competitive pricing within industry standard
- Quick Quote Turnaround
- 24-48 hour response on new account submissions
- Accept applications from other surety companies to review a submission
- All J.M. Wilson surety markets are "A' rated